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Musings, Rants, and Breakdowns

Lore Ipsum

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This journal is becoming increasingly barren and, like all of its predecessors, a failure. I also just deleted my profile bio because it was depressingly no longer accurate. If I ever start updating again, I might write a real bio. Who knows?

absurdity, acting drunk while sober, acting sober while drunk, ahi tuna, amino acids, ann taylor loft, anna karenina, atheism, bach, ballet, baroque music, bebe, belvedere vodka, biochemistry, bipolar disorder, bisexuality, blues, books, camus, catastrophizing, catharsis, cats, celexa, cellular biology, chanel, changes, classical music, clinical psychiatry, clothes, cognitive behavioral therapy, computational biology, conversationalists, cooking, crime and punishment, crying at movies, dabbling, depakote, diary of a madman, dna, dolma, dopamine, dostoevsky, dry red wines, earrings, elaborate debaucles, elitism, entertaining, esoteric pursuits, evgeni plushenko, existentialism, experimental techniques, faust, fine dining, fur, gaba, giving gifts, glutamate, grandiose plans, hamlet, house md, ice skating, inappropriate jokes, indecisiveness, inpatient psychiatry, interdisciplinary studies, invented words, irony, joan of arc, keith moon, kittens, laboratory research, lamictal, latin, lauren bacall, laurence olivier, lust, madness, make up, male figure skating, manic depression, marlon brando, masochism, mathematical logic, men kissing, mental illness, mexican food, mixed metaphors, molecular biology, moleular psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, neuropsychopharmacology, neuroscience, neurotransmitters, not being pretentious, notes from the underground, nucleotides, overdressing with clothes, overdressing with salad dressing, overexaggeration, overspending, pall malls, perfect pitch, photography, piano, political inactivism, political incorrectness, procrastination, prometheus unbound, proteomics, psychiatry, psychotropic medication, radical moderatism, rainer maria rilke, rats, richard feynman, richard pryor, richard the third, rock music, russian novels, samuel beckett, sarcasm, scarves, scientific research, self-analysis, sensitization, seroquel, shakespeare, shoes, shopping, short stories, slr cameras, social libertarianism, sparkling apple cider, star trek, stephen colbert, sushi, svetlana boginskaya, svetlana khorkina, tea gymnastics, thank you for smoking, the stranger, the who, theater of the absurd, troubleshooting, tuna noodle casserole, unexplained mysteries, university of chicago, william blake, william saroyan, wine salami